norwegian shrimp-fish creamy soup
italian tomato soup
slovak bean/lentils soup
broccoli soup
asparagus soup
sauerkraut soup

green tea salmon with coconut rice and miso greens
kedgeree with chili yoghurt
seafood sausage

4-hour duck legs with red cabbage and 'knedlik'
chilli chicken liver with 'harula'
duck breash with rice noodles and vegetables and eggs
hungarian chicken perkelt
'hurka' with american potatoes and sauerkraut
osso buco
pork loin with beans, spinach and chilli
pork neck with 'zemiakova kasa' and cucumber salad
slovak dumplings with bacon and sheep cheese or sauerkraut
stroganoff with papardelle
steak with portobellos, baked potato and guacamole
szeged goulash
whole grilled chicken with lemon

any pasta with bacon, garlic, oregano, chili and chopped tomatoes
gnocchi with portobellos, chicken breast, cinnamon, garlic and cream
fusilli with canned tuna, tomato sauce, chilli and lemon
lasagne bolognese
papardelle with salmon, spinach, sour cream and lemon zest
papardelle with carrot, zucchini and leek
penne quatto formaggi
spinach tagliatelle with bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese and cream

bun bo nam bo
chicken tikka masala
dim sum
palak paneer
pho bo

sandwiches, salads & snacks
couscouc with shrimps
frozen vegetables on coconut oil with eggs sunny-side-up
nicoise salad - video full of useful techniques
shakshuka (lentils, bacon, cheddar)

banh mi
crab burger
cubano sandwich
pulled pork sandwich
reuben sandwich
tostada de jamon con tomata

brownie with vanilla ice cream
carrot cake
flambe pancakes

ingredients cheat-sheet
kambala (turbot) - fish & chips
morsky cert (monkfish) - nahrada za kraba, langustu, homara
halibut (flatfish) - rozne upravy, nie velmi rybacia chut
losos (salmon) - rozne upravy
treska (haddock, cod) - vyprazanie, kedgeree, udenie
makrela (mackrel) - rozne upravy, pomazanka
tuniak (tuna) - sushi, steak

food busker - best youtube channel for recipes
jamie's 15 minute meals - best source for ideas, techniques, cheats